Job fair gives students hire calling


Kain Piyanuluk

DVC Students Searching for Jobs at the DVC Job Fair on March 4th, 2015

Melanie Calimlim, Staff member

The Diablo Valley College job fair offered students a glimpse into potential employment possibilities, and employers were prepared to partake in the event on March 4.

It’s difficult to find jobs; nowadays, people have to know someone who knows someone or have major experience. Students don’t always have the free time they wish they had. With several organizations right in front of a person, there’s less of a struggle.

DVC student, Lucas Wanlass, 19, said, “There are lots of opportunities. I try to go all job fairs just in case a better opportunity comes up, and visit all the tables. This is a very useful organization.”

Employees and employers often do not have the time to speak one-on-one with the applicant. Resumes are dropped off, and one can only hope that it doesn’t get lost in the rest of the pile of maybes.

Engineering major, Roumina Esfahani, 20, said that job fairs are great because employers know their audience is primarily students.

“They [employers] are here looking for students and they already know that you can’t work all the time,” Esfahani said. “It’s a great opportunity, and because you have the chance to speak to employers now, you can find out what similarities you guys have.”

Interviewing with a potential employer can be intimidating, but at job fairs, students are able to relax because the setting is more casual. They can speak freely, and ask any questions to representatives of organizations without fear of retribution.

Biology major, Jazlyn Aleman, 19, said it was cool getting to know the employers as she was helping them get set up.

“It’s a good thing for students and they can bring their resumes,” she said. “Usually, students don’t go out of their way to go to departments, and the fact that they [employers] are coming to the students here, they feel less intimidated.”

The job fair was also beneficial to organizations because they could reach out and expand their own connections.

Patty Lorick of Martinez said her and her colleague Valerie Fisher were first time participants in the job fair.

“It’s nice to see what people are looking for,”  Lorick said, “It’s good to interact: I’ve been able to exchange numbers with other businesses.”

By the end of the fair, students had filled plastic bags with applications and opportunities.