Police Beat 3/18-4/14

Fidel Ontiveros, Staff member


April 13, DVC Overflow Parking Lot

Student reported that someone stole her vehicle while it was parked unattended in the overflow lot.

April 13, DVC Library Complex

Student reported that his bicycle was stolen from campus property.  There were no witnesses.

April 12, DVC Engineering Tech Courtyard

Student reported that his power tool charger was stolen from campus property on Sunday the previous day.  There were no witnesses.

April 9, DVC  Parking Lot 9

A vehicle was tampered with while it was parked in lot #9.

April 6, DVC Library Complex

Student reported that her laptop computer and other personal property were stolen from her backpack while she was in the library.  There were no witnesses

April 5, DVC East Side of Old Maintenance Warehouse

Staff member advised that a campus vehicle was observed with a siphon protruding from an opened fuel line.  No subjects were located. There was no confirmed loss.

March 24, DVC ATC Building, IFO the Women’s Restroom

Student was injured when the door of the ATC Women’s restroom slammed shut on her right middle finger.

March 23, DVC Parking Lot 9

Officers responded to cover Pleasant Hill Police on a high risk traffic stop on DVC Property.  Four occupants (all members of the DVC Football team) were detained at gunpoint prior to being restrained in handcuffs.

March 18, DVC Parking Lot 1

Student notified the Police Department that he might be having a reaction to his medication.  He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

March 18,  DVC Library Media Center

A student tripped near the Library when she walked into a fence.

March 18, DVC Liberal Arts Building, LA 208

Unknown subject(s) took the victim’s iPad from either her desk or bag while she was away from the desk but, still inside the room.

March 17, DVC  Switchboard

It was reported that the PBX operator at DVC received numerous calls from a verbally hostile male who made repeated threats of vandalism.

March 14, DVC Parking Lot 9

Student reported that his vehicle was broken into and personal items were taken.

March 13, DVC Parking Lot 1

DVC Student reported that her semester permit was stolen from her vehicle.  There were no witnesses.

March 13, DVC Art Building

A student had a seizure in the Art Building. CON fire and AMR responded and gave aid to the student. The student was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

March 10, DVC Outside Hospitality Services Food Building

An American flag was stolen from the Flint Co. Construction Yard outside of the HSF building.