WE DVC rallies against rape


Melanie Calimlim

The Women’s Empowerment Club rallies at DVC to make students aware of sexual harassment on Thursday, April 30.

Dustin Pyne and Marcel Scott

Diablo Valley College students rallied against sexual assault on Thursday, April 30 by marching across the Pleasant Hill campus.

Women’s Empowerment club President Andrea Corrigan, 22, lead the rally, which looped back and forth between the Commons Area and the top of campus. 

“Rape and assault on college campus is becoming a disease,” Corrigan said. “Being a survivor myself, I struggled through the process of recovery. And (sexual assault) is never going to get better unless we confront the problem.”

During the rally, members of WE DVC handed out informational flyers outlining “10 ways young men can prevents sexual assault.”

The tips on the flyer include understanding the ability to consent, choosing words carefully and other ways men can help prevent more atrocities from taking place.

After hearing the messages of the rally, many DVC students joined in to participate and eagerly supported the cause.

“I’ve been seeing so much violence, online and everywhere,” computer science major Sasmit Pokharel, 19, said. “And no one has been speaking up. That’s why I walked with them for a few minutes.”

Even some of DVC’s teachers took their entire classes out join in on the march.

Women’s studies major Sara Chase, 19 said, “I’m here to support my classmates.”

WE DVC is currently organizing additional on-campus events, including self-defense classes, peer-counseling programs and viewings of sexual assault awareness films. The club hopes to raise awareness and support and help fellow students comprehend policy changes that deal with sexual assault cases on college campuses.

“As a group, we need to take more of an actual stance (against sexual violence),” Corrigan said.  “Not just at events like this, but through empowerment and awareness.”