ASDVC to be without president for at least another week


Tyler Newhouse, Staff Member

Associated Students of DVC is operating without a president, and will do so for at least another week. Hao (Jason) Wang, who was elected as president in the spring, stepped down before his term began this fall. On August 16th, Wang revealed in a post on the ASDVC Facebook page that the reason for his resignation was due to a  scheduling conflict with an important class.

“I have found it really hard to finally come down to this decision, due to the time conflict between ASDVC general board meeting and one of my major classes,” Wang said, ” this major course is only offered during the fall and spring, and there is only one section available this semester.”

In order to elect a new president, ASDVC plans to hold a special election where they will vote on nominees decided on in their meetings. According to the ASDVC bylaws, if a position is vacated between fall and spring semester a discussion item is presented during the first meeting for nominees to come forth. In the following meeting ASDVC board members will vote on nominees to be elected into the appointed position.

The president has some important responsibilities, such as being the official representative of ASDVC board and student body of DVC. An important thing to note, is that the president will not be voted on by the public, and if there is any concern from the public, the meeting on Sept. 8 2015 is where public opinion can be voiced.

The meeting on Tuesday was the first of the semester, and with many new members, ASDVC crawled through the meeting, working out kinks with their efficiency. Even though the meeting went slowly, discussion started to liven up when it turned to the goals of ASDVC. One idea brought up was lowering costs for students, such as book prices and tuition, and looking to consider legislature to provide funding for college students.