Former DVC student shot in Concord

Jesse Sutterley, News Editor

Concord experienced its first murder of 2015 on Saturday Sept. 12. A 20-year-old man who recently attended Diablo Valley College was shot and killed outside of the 1100 block of Meadow Lane apartment complex. Police said a 911 caller claimed to have heard a single gun shot before looking outside to see a body lying on the ground. Although the name has not been released by police, a neighbor identified the victim as Erick Cruz Avalos. The shooter’s motive is unclear and remains under investigation.

An eyewitness, who is not being named for her safety, gave her account of the events that took place Saturday evening: “When I ran up to him the police and ambulance were already there. I heard the shot. There was only one gun shot. My daughter knew him and she says he was a sweet, kind hearted guy who loved his family. I met many of his family the night of his murder and they were very nice and they loved him so much.”

Cruz, who had recently been hired by PG&E, was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I am very angry at CPD because they dragged their feet and took forever to investigate this murder. The police took forever to cover up the body and let the rain wash over it while they ate McDonalds and left their trash at the scene,” the witness said. “I feel that his family was very disrespected that night by CPD.”

Concord Police would not confirm any details of the incident, but are looking for help from the public. If you have any information, contact the Concord Police Department Investigations Division at 925-671-3030, or the confidential “tip line” at 925-603-5836.