ASDVC elects new president

Tyler Newhouse, Staff Member

Associated Students of DVC elects Wesley Xio as their new president. In a meeting on September 8, the ASDVC board held a special election where they voted on nominees who ran for president.

Those nominees were: Wesley Xio, Jackie Bueno, and Dean Johnson.

The three nominees, who are currently board members, started out by each giving a short speech, followed by a panel-like question session.

Bueno confidently powered through her speech,  supplementing it with resume-like hand out outlining her skills and experience.

Bueno’s speech focused heavily on lowering costs for students, and even mentioned partnering DVC with Booksmart to help lower textbook costs for students at DVC.

“I want to implement a cheaper book system,” Bueno said, “I am confident that I can get stuff done.”

Johnson, an economics major, cited his diverse background with sports, student government at his highschool and his determination to make change happen.

“I will fight to bring diversity to DVC.” Johnson said, “I want to review and reform our budget system.”

Xia appealed to his experience with ASDVC, having been a part of it for three semesters. Xio recognizes that being the president is not an easy job, and that the entire board has a responsibility to make the student voice heard.

When asked about what sets him apart from the rest, Xio responded, “I am an executor,” and he hopes to work with committee heads to accomplish tangible goals.

Ultimately, Xio won 66 percent of the votes with the runner up winning 26 percent.

ASDVC wasted no time getting back down to business, with Xio presiding over the rest of the meeting.

Board meetings are held every Tuesday at 2 p.m., unless otherwise noted.