Gas leak on DVC campus


Marcel Scott, Opinion Editor

On Tuesday Oct. 6, Diablo Valley College experienced an unexpected gas leak near the Student Union Building, which has led to a prolonged shutdown of gas services on campus.

PG&E were forced to shut off gas valves in order to locate the gas leak. At this moment the campus is still without gas, which has a great impacted on food services around campus as well as science departments.

According to President Peter Garcia, “Complete shutdown was the only option given the configuration of our gas pipeline infrastructure.”

PG&E have provided a temporary portable trailer for culinary arts and food services until the issue has been resolved. Food services around campus are now reliant on this vital source of fuel until a permanent solution is found.

Culinary Arts Department Chair Christopher Draa said, “(The leak) only affected us the day it happened. Tuesday Classes were cancelled, Wednesday we cooked using electric services, and Thursday we were provided with the (PG&E) trailer. Everything is running as normal now.”

Currently there is only a rough estimate for how long repairs will take. Crews are working an extended shift seven days a week in order to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

“…we will continue to explore temporary services to other buildings, but we will be in this working and learning environment without gas until we can safely restart our service,” said Garcia.