ASDVC hosts Fall Festival

Jesse Sutterley, News editor

A new festival that celebrates campus clubs and holiday spirit has officially debuted at Diablo Valley College. The DVC quad rang out with music and laughter during the first Fall Festival on Nov. 18, hosted by ASDVC. This was a festival to bring students together and get excited for the upcoming holiday season.

A handful of groups, some from the music department, took to the stage and sang for a crowd of students. A few clubs also showed up to the event, many of them with tables promoting their organizations.

The event started at 11 am with a performance by jazz group The Swingin’ Six.

“We normally just do gigs on campus but we are always open for gigs off campus,” said Miriah Brooks, the lead vocalist of the band.

After The Swingin’ Six finished their set, the DVC chamber singers took to the stage and sang a welcome song in Swahili. The singers had drums and used their bodies as instruments to provide percussion. After a performance from the DVC chamber singers, some of them remained on stage and introduced themselves to the crowd as the Spooky Dozen; they preformed an a cappella rendition of a Taylor Swift song. Jeramey Watts, one of the lead singers, said the Spooky Dozen met through the chamber singers class.

“Well, this is a two semester class so we will be back next semester, although it might not be the same people,” Watts told the Inquirer.

Apart from the festival hosting performances, ASDVC provided food and games for the event. Wenyu Lie, an ASDVC board member, was sitting at the ASDVC booth directing people into the event. “We have performers, many from the music department, and games, we will also be serving food at noon,” said Lie.

After the performances, ASDVC brought out food to serve to the events attendees.

The turnout of the festival was positive, and perhaps DVC will see more events of this nature next year.