Police Beat Nov. 12 – Dec. 8

Nik Wojcik

Wednesday, Nov. 18
DVC Parking Lot 8
The window of a student’s vehicle was smashed by an unknown subject. Although no witnesses were present, property was reported stolen.

Wednesday, Nov. 18
DVC Parking Lot 7
Another student vehicle was broken into, with no witnesses, according to the student’s report.

Thursday, Nov. 19
SRC Student Parking Lot
Two students were given a Conduct Referral for an argument that ensued at DVC’s San Ramon campus.

Sunday, Nov. 22
DVC County Connection Bus Stop
Police responded to a public intoxication report of unidentified subject on the bus. Unable to care for himself, the suspect was transported to the hospital by authorities.

Tuesday, Nov. 24
DVC Library Complex
As reported, a student was sleeping in the library when his backpack was stolen from beneath his feet.

Tuesday, Dec. 1
DVC Parking Lot 2
A police report was filed after a vehicle was broken into on campus. Stolen property included an in-dash stereo, an iPod and wallet. There were no witnesses present.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
DVC Library Complex
A student’s bicycle was stolen from the library-area bike rack.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
DVC Parking Lot 8 Bus Stop
An unidentified subject was transported to County Hospital in Martinez for intoxication.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
DVC Liberal Arts Building, LA 218
A student was given a Conduct Referral for pushing another student and taking their cell phone. The altercation was reportedly spurred on by a $2.00 debt.

Monday, Dec. 7
DVC Music Building, M121
A student reported that a trumpet was stolen from the music building while unattended. Police report indicates that this is considered Grand Theft.