“Students for Bernie” arrives at DVC


Jesse Sutterley

Cristofer Holobetz, 18, tables for student interest in a ‘Students for Bernie’ movement in the DVC quad in Pleasant Hill, Jan 27.

Jesse Sutterley, Co-editor-in-chief

With the presidential election swiftly approaching, it is not uncommon to see liberal presidential supporters on campuses around California, but now Diablo Valley College has it’s own group forming.

After attending the UC Berkeley Students for Bernie (UCBSB), DVC’s Christofer Holobetz, an 18 year old biology major, has begun a Students for Bernie movement on our campus.

Holobetz set up a table in the center of the DVC quad on Jan. 27 where he and a UCBSB student handed out “Students for Bernie” bumper stickers, pins and signs. Holobetz also spent time talking to students who approached the table and encouraged them to join the emailing list.

“People think they don’t have a voice,” Holobetz said, “But that’s not true. If you use your voice you can make change.”

Holobetz hopes to get enough supporters here at DVC to host meetings and tabling once to twice a week in the quad on campus. “I want to get as many (students) as I can to mobilize because this is important,” Holobetz said.

With the upcoming caucus in Nevada, in which Nevadans will choose between Sanders and Clinton as the Democratic parties candidate.

The 200 students from UCBSB teamed up with UC Santa Cruz Students for Bernie, and plan on making a trip up to Reno to call rural Nevadans in the hopes of convincing them to vote for Sanders. The trip is open to others that want to help with the campaign and will take place from Feb. 12-15.

For those interested in participating in the campaign, UCBSB is going to be making phone calls this weekend to Californians from their office at 2133 University Ave. in Berkeley. Anyone can participate in the call center even if they are not Berkeley students. You can work a few hours or all day, but UCBSB is always looking for more volunteers.

There was confusion about the number of students participation in UC Berkeley’s students for Bernie and corrections have been made.