Police Beat 4/22-5/3

Allison Roullier, Senior staff member

Monday, April 25

DVC Learning Center

11:20 a.m.-Student complained of chest pains. AMR responded. Student was transported to Martinez County Hospital for further medical treatment.

Monday, April 25

DVC Parking Lots Lot 1A

4:02 p.m.-Two male subjects (non-students) were viewed in a physical altercation in parking lot #1. Both suspects were arrested.

Tuesday, April 26

Bike Rack NW of Police Services

5:51 p.m.-Student reported that their bicycle was stolen from campus property. There were no witnesses.

Saturday, April 30

DVC Parking Lots Lot 3

10:43 a.m.-A vehicle was found in Lot 3 with the contents scattered all over the ground surrounding it.

Saturday, April 30

DVC Liberal Arts Building LA 122

10:00 a.m.-Unknown subject(s) took a projector from LA 122.