ICC bridging gaps between schools, students

Erin Smith

There’s no denying the importance of having extracurricular activities on college applications. Joining a club can show college recruiters that you are not only committed to your craft but that you have taken the initiative to hone it. But what does it take to organize, support, and promote over 47 clubs on a campus of 22,000 students?

The newly elected Commissioner of Public Relations, Armon Shirkhani, was brave enough to take on such a task.

“My main role is to advertise and communicate all inter club events as well as assist the various clubs in advertising their own club events throughout the campus,” said Shirkhani.

The Inter Club Council, or ICC, is a branch of Diablo Valley College’s main student government. It’s run by a board of elected students that cater to the wants and needs of the campus’s various clubs. “ICC is a division of student government. They deal with everything club related. Every club sends one representative to the council,” said Shirkhani.

At the council meetings, the club representatives have the opportunity to showcase what their club has accomplished, promote upcoming events, as well as vote on procedures. “There are actually a lot of concrete rules for the clubs and basically each representative gets to vote on those rules and regulations that are then implemented into student government,” said Shirkhani.

Getting involved in student government is a process in itself. Prospective board members can either be nominated or nominate themselves, as Shirkhani did. Candidates then must familiarize themselves with the ICC code book and give a speech to the ICC reps, who then vote on who they would like to see run the council.

As he entered the race for PR Commissioner Shirkhani focused on bridging the gap between DVC and her sister campus in San Ramon.

After being involved with two Honor Societies at the San Ramon campus, Shirkhani saw an opportunity to bring people together.

“I made a big point that I want to help bring more San Ramon students to Pleasant Hill clubs or have Pleasant Hill clubs more active on the San Ramon campus and establish a better link between the two,” said Shirkhani.

Shirkhani’s role as PR Commissioner also establishes a link between students involved in clubs and those who are not. As he eloquently explained, “I want more students to be aware of the clubs we have on campus because we have a lot of great clubs. It’s a great way to meet people, it’s a great way to work on your own career interests or major interests. It’s a great way to show colleges you’re planning on transferring to that you’re interested in your major and that you have experience in your major.”