Transfer students benefit from the HBCU fair


Courtney Donahoe

Students gather for the HBCU Fair on February 15, 2017.

Courtney Donahoe, Staff Member

One thing that students planning to transfer can benefit from are transfer fairs like the HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) that Diablo Valley College held for interested students. This transfer fair has some amazing benefits that every student should go and take advantage of while in the process of transferring schools.

The HBCU transfer fair included benefits like meeting with one-on-one recruiters from over 25 HBCU colleges, on-the-spot acceptance, scholarships, and application fee waiver opportunities that are available for qualified students, along with learning the benefits of attending an HBCU.

DVC student Lavona Bobo says that “transfer fairs like these are beneficial because you get to talk to a person from the school you want to transfer to.”

The transfer fair lasted from 4-7pm, at the Main Street Bistro in the HSF building.

Along with learning about the HBCU colleges, transfer students get to have one-on-one conversations with DVC’s financial aid representatives. Mahal Williams, student assistant at the DVC transfer services booth says, “because this event is in the Bay Area it brings it to the students, face-to-face, with better in depth information.”

What more could transfer students ask for? Face to face meetings with not only the college they want to transfer to, but also useful information about getting financial aid and making it possible to attend their college of choice. Beneficial transfer events like these are what keeps transfer students  both getting into their college that they dream of, and also pushing them on to achieving their bachelor’s or master’s degree of choice.

Nia Monk, DVC student, says “It’s beneficial because it starts when you’re young and they encourage you to come back when you’re older.”