Could taking more units at once help you succeed?


Ashley Loaeza

DVC’s Interim President Ted Wieden shares the plans for 2017’s fall semester.

Summer Pagán, Staff member

Starting in the fall, Diablo Valley College will choose a certain number of targeted students to add an additional three units to their course loads.

As discussed at the College Council’s open forum on April 19, the DVC Foundation agreed to support this decision of adding three units to the tune of around $150,000.

Interim President Ted Wieden shared his support as he explained that the two cohorts of students targeted are new and returning students.

“The foundation was also gracious enough to say that if we don’t get enough students to utilize all of those funds, we can turn around and use that fund for textbook vouchers up to the full amount that they’ve allocated, to help students buy textbooks,” Wieden said.

More units in a semester seems crazy, but research happens to show support to it as it helps students be more successful.

The plan of shortening the time of completion by adding more units a semester could possibly lower the number of drop outs.

DVC’s Vice President of Student Services, Newin Orante, is currently planning out the logistics and putting the plan all together.

“Apparently the data is showing that when students come in at 12 or more units, there’s a propensity for a student to be successful multiple terms after that, so when a student comes below 12 units it’s harder for them to have the same level of success as somebody who is coming in at a higher amount of units,” said Orante.