Police inform senate about active shooter training


Mahrukh Siddiqui

Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston of DVC police.

Isaac Norman, Staff member

Police officers at every 4cd campus are being put through a variety of drills and scenarios to hone their preparedness in the event of a shooting on campus.

Police Lt. Ryan Huddleston and Chrisanne Knox, director of marketing and communications for the Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill campus, briefed academic senate on the active shooter training the district police force is engaging in, in cooperation with local police forces throughout the county, on Tuesday, April 25.

At some point Lt. Huddleston would like to involve community members in the training process so civilians can better understand what an active shooter scenario might look like and how the police would respond, however; he is not sure when officers will be at a point when they can bring that into their training.

At the request of one faculty senator, Lt. Huddleston is also looking into campus safety bulletin boards that would provide guidance on what to do in case of emergency situations.
The bulletin boards might have information like evacuation points and first aid instructions on them.