DVC celebrates its credibility

ACCJC midterm report signing ceremony at the college council meeting.

Summer Pagán, Staff member

The schedule for the college council meeting on May 3 was loaded with celebrations and continuing projects.

The celebration of DVC’s credibility

The ACCJC midterm report was looked over and signed by ASDVC president Chris Liu, DVC’s Interim President Ted Wieden, Beth McBrien of the drama department and the international education program coordinator Renee Savage.

The four of them, Chancellor Fred Wood and the rest of the college council celebrated the signing with a slice of cake.

Becky Opsata from communications studies said, “The report is looked at by the ASDVC, and they signed off on it – as did the faculty senate and the classified staff senate. Everybody has read it and credited it, and this was just the final ‘okay, now its ready to go.'”

This midterm report is submitted to the accrediting agency as a status report check-in to look at DVC’s statistics.

On the lookout for a new DVC president

Chancellor Fred Wood is looking for a new DVC president in replacement of Ted Wieden, who is retiring.

Although the search for a new president is launching later than expected, Wood finds it important to get the search done well rather than fast.

“You don’t want to just hire a president that you need today, you want the president you need tomorrow,” Wood said.

Wood and the board of governance remain very hopeful to find strong potential candidates for the position.

Wieden was honored at the meeting for his excellent service during his extended stay as interim president.

The Educational Master Plan Draft Outline

Laurie Lema, DVC’s interim dean of planning and research, presented a draft outline for the new Educational Master Plan at the college council meeting.

Lema reviewed the draft of the long-term plan (2017-27) outline for DVC, which is a student-centered guide to success.

The purpose of the plan is to prepare for a future of success and change.

“We very much want an equity framework and value – and believe that it is very important to ensure equitable student success and progress to ensure the college is ready for our students,” Lema said.