All-gender bathrooms going in new PAC and SSC building

All gender bathroom in the DVC Bookstore (taken by Courtney Donahoe)


All gender bathroom in the DVC Bookstore (taken by Courtney Donahoe)

Courtney Donahoe, Senior staff member

Diablo Valley College’s Pleasant Hill campus currently has three all-gender bathrooms, one in the performing arts center, one in the bookstore and one in the Student Services Center. DVC San Ramon only has two at the moment.

Currently, DVC Pleasant Hill is in the process of reconstruction, adding seven more all-gender bathrooms to the campus. Four will be added to the performing arts center and three will be added to the Administration Building.

“It allows students to feel comfortable here and use the bathroom with what they identify themselves as,” DVC’s interim President Ted Wieden said.

Having all gender bathrooms for students in the LGBTQ community allows them to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin while they go to the bathroom. That’s what DVC is trying to accomplish.

“It gives them more of a secure place in a public area, rather than them waiting to go to the bathroom at home they can do so here while feeling comfortable in their own skin,” Scarlett Arreola-Reyes, president of DVC’s queer straight alliance, said.

Instead of being scared of being comfortable in a school environment, they can relax and not feel stressed out about which bathroom they feel like they have to use according to today’s society.

“It gives them a place to authentically be themselves and validate their identity,” Arreola-Reyes said.