Diablo Valley College celebrates Constitution Day with on-campus events


Olivier Alata

Constitution Day Events: Voting is not a spectator sport! (Sep. 14th 2017) Olivier ALATA

Olivier Alata and Mark Lindahl

In celebration of the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, the Student Union Conference Room opened its doors to the public and welcomed students to participate in events celebrating the document’s ratification in hopes of educating more students on their rights.

“Constitution Day (Sept. 17) is celebrated through activities, learning, parades and demonstrations of our love for the United States of America and the blessings of freedom our founding fathers secured for us,” said Student Life Program Manager Todd Farr.

On Sept. 14,  Ann Flynn, President of the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley, discussed how voting and civic acts are important in a nation and how it provides an opportunity for people to voice their opinions and vote for what they believe in.

“The LWVDV has been very active with Associated Students of DVC and our college, encouraging voter registration by tabling, serving as ASDVC elections ballot booth proctors and presenting for our ‘Brown Bag Lecture Series‘ that the Student Life Office organizes,” said Farr.

On Sept. 20, professor of social science and history Mickey Huff, spoke about First Amendment issues regarding the role of the free press and more specifically the ongoing fake news attacks on journalists and the news media, along with the importance of critical media literacy education as a means of ensuring press freedoms into the future.

Huff dissected the free press provision of the First Amendment and how fake news is starting a trend in our society of exploiting this necessary right.

Huff believes more events like these will help raise awareness about the issues surrounding us today.

As current director of Project Censored, and a radio host on KPFA on public affairs, Huff said, “I wholly support any of these public events that they (Student Life Office) do, especially when they’re directed towards students.”

“Constitution Day is always a great opportunity for students like me to broaden their knowledge of the Constitution that have shaped our history and our lives,” said former DVC student David Murk.