DVC smoking policy update


smoking by Julie (CC BY 2.0)

Courtney Donahoe, Senior staff member

Since the new smoking policy has gone into effect on September 13, 2017, it seems as if it never even happened. Students and even staff at Diablo Valley College had no idea that there was even a new policy put in place at the beginning of the semester.

“I didn’t even know about it, I think maybe it’s a good idea to enforce it more, have responsibilities the police services could uphold that would be great,” said Malia Valencia, financial aid office assistant

A student worker at the DVC library circulation desk agreed.

“I think it’s a good thing, I’m an ex-smoker so I don’t want nicotine in my body, it’s just common courtesy,” Jessica Chapman said.

The main changes under the new policy is smoking is now prohibited in the parking lots and there is a fine for violations.

“I agree with the policy, the school should provide more strict consequences” Richard Kusuma, a student worker at the International Student Office said.

One of the reasons why this policy started in the first place was to make DVC a cleaner and healthier campus.

According to DVC’s website on the smoking policy “Smoking, smoking substitutes, smoke inducing devices and vaping are considered a health hazard and are prohibited on all college property.”

It also clearly states on DVC’s website where smoking is prohibited “The use of all smoking/tobacco/vaping products as defined is prohibited on campus grounds, playing fields, walkways, roadways, parking lots, in all vehicles on DVC property and in or around the perimeter of any building.”

The fine is $25 for the first and second offense and $100 for every violation after that.

Students continue to see tobacco smoking of any kind happening every day on campus. One of the ways that DVC wants students to help with this policy is to kindly ask people who are smoking, not to smoke.

The DVC website states “on the initiative of students and staff to politely request that smokers comply and on the courtesy of smokers to acknowledge and observe the restrictions”

A number of teachers and staff members were contacted for comment but have not yet replied.