Meals provided for first time at Inter-Club Council meeting


Halie Spol

Meal provided at Inter-Club Council meeting on April 12, 2018 in the Margaret Lesher Student Union.

Halie Spol, Staff Member

The Inter-Club Council hosted the inaugural meeting with food during their weekly council meeting on April 12 in the Margaret Lesher Student Union.

This was the first time food has been provided to a club meeting on campus. Last week, Swenson requested funds from the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College for meals to be provided to the remaining council meetings of the semester.

The pizza and soda were enjoyed by members before and during the meeting, and Swenson had hoped the food would attract more members to attend the required meetings.

Although there were many extra boxes of pizza untouched by the members, Council Executive Officer Sharita Snagg said, “You know our dollars are not going to waste because everyone is happy.”

But it may not have worked as well as hoped. Many members of the council left during the meeting and this prompted Swenson to retake role in the second half.

“Please take your roles here seriously. I know it seems like we sit here for an hour and a half every week and we don’t do much… it’s boring but it is important,” said Swenson.

Swenson and Student Board Trustee Jessica Cisneros also addressed some recent controversies that involved clubs on DVC campus.

“There was issues with the club dating back to October, and they assumed I knew because I was the (council) chair and this was a club issue. So if you have an issue with the club or your club has an issue within it, please come to me,” said Swenson.

Cisneros also reminded the club of her role in the Board of Trustees and said, “If something like this does happen, I am your direct line to a chancellor. If anything does happen, you guys feel unsafe, whatever the case may be, please reach out to me.”

Inter-Club Council meetings are always open to the public at the Margaret Lesher Student Union conference room. You can attend council meetings on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.