ASDVC removes senators formerly a part of disqualified coalition

Former Hope and Change coalition members voted out


Emma Hall, Assistant Editor

Former Hope and Change coalition members were removed from their positions as senators for Associated Students of Diablo Valley College on Oct. 30.

The members included Fiona Dong, Jiayi “Jessica” Tao, Dandan “Danielle” Xia, and Shiyuan “Isaac” Zhang. The four were voted out of their positions as senators,  alongside their ASDVC peers who had three or more unexcused absences. The vote was 17-1. The one who voted against the removal of the senators was from Yifan Zhang, who has no relation to Isaac Zhang. Yifan Zhang objected to the motion when it was brought up by Vice President of Executive Affairs, Michael Gaetos.

Although the four were removed as senators, Dong, Tao, Xia, and Isaac Zhang did not attend the meeting to defend themselves. In fact, according to the minutes published by ASDVC on DVCSync, the four have been absent during every ASDVC meeting since their coalition’s disqualification from the election.

Jiafei “Martin” Zhang, the only Hope and Change member to still keep a position as a senator, has also been called into removal. Jiafei Zhang has also had a significant number of unexcused absences alongside his fellow Hope and Change peers. The item was moved to next week’s meeting due to ASDVC President Timoutius Vincent forgetting to give Martin Zhang a week’s notice on his removal.

The next ASDVC meeting will be next Tuesday where the fate of Martin Zhang’s role in ASDVC will be decided.