Graffiti threat found on Pleasant Hill campus


This threat was written on the bathroom stalls of the men’s restrooms inside the humanities building and library. (Photo courtesy of KRON4)

Emma Hall, Assistant Editor

Students had received a text from the EMERAlert system at Diablo Valley College regarding a non-specific graffiti threat discovered Wednesday afternoon Friday night at 9 p.m. The threats were located in the men’s restrooms of the Humanities building and library.

The graffiti threatens the lives of students and claims that there will be a shooting today.

“For the lucky one reading this, your life will be spared on Thursday (the) 13th. I will kill my imbecile classmates.” wrote the individual is known as “Z” on the bathroom stall. “You’re going to report this? I always get my way.”

As a result of the threat’s discovery, there will be an increased police presence on campus today during the investigation. The email advises students who are feeling anxiety over the threat to communicate with counselors during this and the upcoming week.

DVC cautions students to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious findings to Police Services.

According to the email, the campus discloses that “The safety of our faculty, staff, and students remains our top priority.”

Editor’s Note: Information was added to the article to update readers on the current investigation. Follow-up story to come.