Women’s Basketball celebrates spectacular season both on and off the court


Samantha Laurey

Sierra Smith (left) and Zahria Hendrix (right) celebrate their state championship victory with members of DVC in the Business/Foreign Language building on April 16, 2019. (Samantha Laurey/Inquirer)

Edwin Chen, Staff member

On April 16, the Diablo Valley College women’s basketball team were joined by coaches and staff during their official celebration for victory in the California Community College Athletic Association women’s basketball state championship.

It’s been one month since DVC women’s basketball team’s tide-turning victory against Moorpark College. The adrenaline overflowing from the second half comeback plays and the crunch time turnover fests are yet to wear off on both the players and the coaches. Indeed, this is an achievement that’ll leave hearts pumping for months to come.

“This was an amazing season,” said athletic director Christine Worsley during her speech. “The ladies were the talk of the campus for the entire season.”

The athletes accomplished several recognizable feats that led to their championship victory. They won back-to-back Big 8 Conference championships, climbed to the number one rank in Northern California teams, and were the first college ever to have four players join the all-state team. It’s not only the their eye-catching performance on court that is worthy of praise, but their ability to drop huge dimes on their academic performances. According to Worsley, the team garnered a cumulative GPA of 3.1, earning them the title of an all-academic team. This is the culmination of perseverance coming from the team, and the embers of rebirth since losing their conference finals due to member loss four years ago.

“They were a very special group. I would be telling a tale if I said that I expected this, because I didn’t,” said coach Ramaundo Vaughn. “The mistake that I made was that I just looked at their size, (but) you can’t measure someone’s heart. They refused to lose, they never got rattled — they were just a group of kids that held each other accountable.”

With the trophy and banners fastened snugly under their belt, the players and staff finished the celebration with cakes and heartfelt congratulations. To these reigning champions, ball is larger than life. It is a beacon of their strength, their influence, and good things that will come for their career.

“I look at all of you, and all I see are amazing women,” said president Susan Lamb. “The one thing I see throughout the season is your leadership as women and strong leaders, and of saying ‘we may be down, they may be in our face, but, we are going to come back better than ever.’”