Racist graffiti found once again


The graffiti featured use of the ‘N’ word and was found in the men’s bathroom inside the library. (Inquirer stock photo).

Emma Hall, Editor in chief

Diablo Valley College had another run-in with racist graffiti less than a week after the previous occurrence in the Engineering Technology Building. The graffiti was found in the men’s bathroom in the library and was directed towards the African American community. Lamb believes this incident transpired due to an individual seeking attention.

“When you look at it these tend to occur during midterms and finals,” said President Susan Lamb before the most recent graffiti was found.

In response to all of the graffiti targeting the African American community, Lamb wrote in an email to be supportive of students and faculty of that community.

“Each time an incident like this happens, we understand the fear, frustration, and pain this action causes our African American/Black colleagues and students, and communities of color, who have to endure this cowardly onslaught of hate,” wrote Lamb. “Please let your African American/Black colleagues and students know that they are valued, they belong at DVC, they are not alone, and there are far more people who support their belonging and inclusion than there are small minded racists and haters. ”

Lamb also reassured that DVC is enforcing the Student Code of Conduct and will prosecute the “to the full extent of the law for both a hate crime and property damage” to the individual responsible for the graffiti.

She also acknowledged the racial task forces have been doing on campus. Lamb called the student member “courageous” and said that the work the groups are doing as “amazing”. She disclosed that an email regarding the recommendations brought forth to the college council last week will be sent out to members of the DVC community this week.

Lamb advises that anyone with information on the vandalism contact Detective Vanessa Gatlin at (925) 686-554.