DVC Art Show Showcases Student Artistry Amidst COVID-19


This year’s winners. (Courtesy of DVC Art Gallery)

Aryana Hadjimohammadi, Features editor

As the semester is coming to an end, Diablo Valley College held its first online student art show. The winners were announced May 15 in categories of painting oil/acrylic, printmaking, drawing, painting watercolor/gouache, photo, illustration and sculpture. 

The show gives the students opportunities to create works of art that have special importance to them but to also display their talent. Arthur King, DVC art professor, said that this year for the first time, interviews with students conducted during the show were posted online for viewers to see. 

“We made videos because it’s important for our community to see and hear a sampling of other students as they talk about the work they created both before and after the shutdown,” he said.

Some of the show’s winners include Izzy Davis, a DVC student who created a sculpture called “Zip It,” which she said was personal for her. The piece is made of plaster, wood, epoxy and paint and was created in an Art 298 – Independent Study class. She describes the piece as “intended to relate, inspire, heal, and do whatever else comes to mind.” 

It’s easy to look at someone and think they have everything together, when really they could be falling apart,” said Davis. “It’s about being told to be quiet when you want to speak up.” 

In the drawing category, Primo Vargas won with his “Tree Turtle” piece, using graphite pencil on Bristol paper, detailing a tree and turtle combined as one in black and white. His work was done last semester in a Drawing 2 class with Professor Lynette Montgomery and was inspired by stories of fantasy worlds.

In a video interview, Vargas describes the goal of his art and what elements were important for him to use.

“Detail is very important to me and that was the most important thing when doing this design for this piece, I had to be very patient and thorough about it… That’s my main thing that I want to be known for as an artist,” he said. 

In the printmaking category, Summer Calvache won with a piece called “Prideful,” using Bristol paper and screen-printing ink. The piece consists of a border that is rainbow colored with the words “To the Power Prideful,” surrounding a person in the middle of the piece, with the caption “Equality for all.” 

Students’ artworks will also be eligible for prizes. Winners of the President’s award are asked to sell their artwork to the college to be added to its permanent collection. However, due to the circumstances, the President’s award couldn’t be given this year. The winner, Kate Vides for her “A Sense of Fashion” fashion photography piece, will receive a prize pack of art supplies.

To see the winners, candidates, video interviews with the winners, and their artworks, visit https://dvcartgallery.blogspot.com/