The Fight In Berkeley for the People’s Park


Mario Pena

License Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0, courtesy of Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

Cecily Hansson, Guest writer

People’s Park, a historical landmark located in Berkeley, California, is facing a battle with the University of California, Berkeley. UC Berkeley wants to demolish the park and replace it with student housing due to their current housing crisis. People’s Park was created by college students in the late 60s “as a way to reclaim their neighborhood”. Since then, the park has become a safe haven for the homeless population in the city. With COVID-19 impacting the homeless crisis, the park has become an encampment. In February, students tore down fences that had been put up around the park perimeter. Since then, UC Berkeley students and veterans of the park have continued to occupy it in defense of keeping People’s Park open.