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Divorce: a painful opportunity

Brittney Griffin ()

As a frightened, young child I spent countless nights scared and alone. The world around me was in complete chaos, and I was timid and defenseless against it all.

Eighteen years and four marriages later, I am petrified with anxiety that constantly impedes me from moving forward with my life. Divorce is what brings all this on.

In the grand scheme of it all divorce is not an awful thing, but unfortunately the aftermath is.  

In fact, children of divorce are more likely to experience psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger. It is an extremely difficult concept to grasp at such a young age, and it seems to produce much uncertainty with lack of stability in the home.

So, do we really have a say in the matter? No. The suffering is almost inevitable.

As children we have to quietly observe the dissipation of a former love with no power to halt it.

So, the question still remains: how will this affect our ability to embark on the journey of love and marriage?

Will we be more apprehensive about potentially spending the rest of our lives with someone, will we prefer to be alone, or will we simply accept the fact that divorce is natural and let our inhibitions guide us?

Many of us are in the same boat, and the 40-50% percent of us that are children of divorce must break down these barriers.

We must remind people that marriage and the conceiving of a child are subjects to take under great consideration.

Even if divorce occurs we must remind ourselves how our reactions will affect the children involved. We must think before we act. They can either grow to hate and resent us or respect the decisions we made.  

If we do not personally handle these issues with more care, who will?

There is hope for our future generation, but all the power lies within our grasp.

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Brittney Griffin, Staff member
Staff member, fall 2011.

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Divorce: a painful opportunity