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ASDVC: Your vote counts

Spring students gear up for the ASDVC elections on campus.

Running for President are Jae Chang, also known as Eric Lee, and Francisco Hinojosa.

Lee, running with the U-AID coalition, has experience from Harvard and believes his experience with different cultures and his overcoming of personal struggles qualify him to be a leader. His platform is based on igniting passion and excitement in the student body, cooperating with different organizations on campus to inspire the students towards their goals and generate an atmosphere more reminiscent of a university. 

Francisco Hinojosa could not be reached for comment on short notice, as well as any students running with 9-UP, the coalition running opposite U-AID.

Running for Controller is Kwan Woo Moon, is very concerned with the budget and wants to enforce a $1 representative fee for all students, which would generate over $22,000 which he hopes to use for improving the student life offices and student government, and hence help the student body. 

Contenders for Vice President are Peter Kim and Kyu Tae Kim.

Peter Kim’s position works in three parts, the first being to make politicians promises deliverable as well as transparent, the second s to ascertain the desires of the student body through surveys, and third to allow DVC students access to cheaper textbooks through a website exclusively for DVC students through www.stdvc.comPeter Kim is running independently. 

Kyu Tae Kim’s platform follows suite with other U-AID candidates, hoping to encourage student involvement in government and on campus through various fun projects and activities, and wants to offer an ear to student voice, vowing to have his own office hours for meeting with students.

The elections will be held Tuesday, Mar. 27 and Wednesday, Mar. 28 from 9 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. in the student union building, with hot dogs and beverages at 11 a.m. on a first come, first serve basis.  

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ASDVC: Your vote counts