Turkey vs. Egypt

Roshan Rahimi

A government once built on justice, liberty, and freedom for all has unfortunately created a trend of letting us down and going against those three principles periodically.

Recent events taking place in Turkey and Egypt has revealed our Governments actual motives and has illuminated our medias slander against Muslims.

According to WorldNews, on May 28th early morning a handful of environmentalist Turkish protesters decided to stand against the government’s new plans for Gezi Park. Secondary to the protesters refusal to leave police intervention was employed.

As the feud between public officials and protesters became heated police used tear gas and water cannons to break apart the rally. These revolts were made apparent in news coverage all around the world, where Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was heavily criticized.

Due to the public’s recent stand on Islam and Muslims, denouncing them has become the easiest objective in media today. The Guardian went on to say he was, “…the personification of all the corrupt despotism and violence…”.

Other major papers, like the Huffington Post discussed the relation between Obama and Erdogan by stating, “The two governments had previously exchanged sharp words over the violence, with Washington expressing concern at “excessive” police tactics…”.

However, just a few weeks post the onset of Turkish riots, Egyptian’s started to protest the fall of president Mohamed Morsi.

What started out as a form of speaking out against corrupt military and political officials quickly spiraled downhill for the people of Egypt.

Why wasn’t the violence and bloodshed in Egypt covered as immediately or with much scrutiny? These series of events would lead to the birth of the current military coup in Egypt.

News coverage today is rarely in favor of Muslims. Even with the bloodshed and madness out-breaking in Egypt, these innocent humans were not found worthy of our media’s time.

Today’s major stations such as CNN, FOX, and MSNBC have lost all morals of a real journalism. Raw exposure to events all around the world with the inclination towards the truth has been replaced by these extremely fraudulent news stations.

The US government’s response also shows that Obama found Turkey’s protesters more worthy of his efforts and opinion versus those innocent civilians of Egypt.


Obama’s silence about this horrid event consisted of crickets and nothing more, his silence is what was truly troubling. The government is so quick to condemn Turkey officials for using far less force than that of Egyptian military leaders.

The fact is that Obama does not want to funnel any of our resources into Egypt, because there would be no beneficial outcome for the United States.

Instead he chooses to ignore this tragic event by turning a blind eye on defenseless civilians; however, when it came to places like Afghanistan and Iraq we were “restoring democracy.”

Where is the infamous US intervention is hiding now?

How long will the people of Egypt have to suffer just because their homeland does not posses some natural resource or alliance our government desires?