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The times are changing

To help support the middle class, labor unions donate money to the Democratic Party during election years. Being a union member, I have noticed many fellow members are supporting conservative views by registering as a Republican in their private lives. Yes, I know it’s their right. But In the political scheme of things, what good does this do?

In this country, the true conservative is wealthy. The true liberal is a member of the working middle class. When you are wealthy, you live off the interest of your investments, through family inheritances; you work just to pass the time. Moreover, you give money to politicians to pass bills that support your way of life.

The conservative plan is to do away with the middle class. Then there will only be two classes of people in this country, the rich and the poor. If you do not live off the interest of your investments, or old money, no matter how much you make a year, you will always be considered working class.

One of the reasons why union members are becoming Republican is that they do not want to pay higher taxes. I have heard some say, “I am not going to pay those people’s hospital bills.”

I find it hard to believe that the financial hearts of people working in the labor union today would skip a beat because of the increase of taxes they would have to pay.

It is also a scheme that people in the labor union promote racism. Most of the union members that change their political affiliation to Republican support the color line.

Labor unions are the backbone of the middle class. Let’s say the conservative rule takes over in this country. Labor unions will be disbanded within ten years; you will lose your prevailing wage. The middle class will be eliminated. We will see our public school systems become so decrepit, it will force families to send their children to expensive private schools. Not every family will be able to afford this. The same thing will happen with our healthcare system.

The wall between the rich and poor, “wealthy and working class,” will widen and become higher. Your cost of living raises and your retirement will be lost, as well as affording a higher education for your children.

You will end up paying much more tomorrow, than with the new taxes that are being introduced today.

Union memberships are starting to change from Liberal to Conservative; in the future, this will become a problem.

Greed is the culprit. The Republican Party and its affiliates, “the good ole’ boys,” harbors racism. This is also a ploy by Conservatives using racism, as a tool to acquire more memberships for the Republican Party.

During the post-World War II era, people made this country strong through union support. This in turn made a good life for their children. Today, it seems children are turning their backs on the labor unions as well as this country of ours. They work in union labor only for the money, but they do not support what unions represent to this country.

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Dan Gonsalves
Dan Gonsalves, Inquirer Staff
Staff member, fall 2013.

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The times are changing