DVC Students Proudly Start Off Fall 2014 Semester


Taylor Pagan, Staff member

Students across campus take pride in their enrollment at Diablo Valley College despite societal pressures to immediately attend a four-year university upon graduation.

Ashley Boos, 19, confidently stands beside her decision to attend DVC. Three and a half years sober, Boos said that she isn’t missing out at all when it comes to the typical university party scene.

Boos can afford the low tuition costs and avoid traffic and parking issues by taking the bus because it is close to home.

So far, Boos is quite pleased with this semester.

“My classes are do-able and I am not too overwhelmed,” she said.

Tyne Shi, a 21-year-old computer science major, attends DVC because she failed to meet university deadlines. DVC has ultimately proven to be the better option for her.

Now ready for transfer, Shi is applying to various East Coast schools, making sure to take special note of the deadlines this time.

Although community college is definitely an alternative route to university, it is important to note that DVC is still the first choice of some.

Osbaldo Amador, an 18-year-old freshman, decided to test out of high school through an exit proficiency exam and attend a community college.

After considering other community colleges around the area, Amador chose DVC based off of the school’s better reputation.

Amber Lawrence, 19, took a year off of school before attending DVC.

“I only put it [college] off because I needed to recover from high school,” Lawrence said. “I needed to discover who I was on my own before putting myself back into a similar situation.”

She is proud of her decision to continue her higher education, and is enjoying the DVC campus and community.

“Man, I love college,” she said.