The Buzz: What do students do to pass time with no Internet connection?

Alicia Palma

Alicia Palma, 20, kinesiology

“I think it actually helps because I open up the books instead of the media and procrastinate.”

Patrick Eckstein1

  Patrick Eckstein, 19, civil engineering

“Usually I just walk around or go to the smoking area and vape.”

Sean Kenney1

Sean Kenney, 30, undeclared

“I actually don’t stay on campus. I live nearby so I just go home and do my work from there.”

Joanne Rodriguez1

  Joanne Rodriguez, 20, chemistry

“I use my cellphone data. T-Mobile works all over the campus. I play Dragon Legends and Clash of Clans all the time.”

Alberto Gonzalez1

 Alberto Gonzalez, 18, broadcast communication

“I go over my books and reread what I’m supposed to study.”

Amanda McKibbin

Amanda McKibbin, 22, forensic science

“I play pre-loaded games like Sims 4 or any game that doesn’t require the Internet.”


 Austriana Flowers 20, communications

“Socializing more and doing a lot more homework that doesn’t require the internet.”


Ayrton Osorio, 20, biology

“I’ve been using textbooks instead of the E-books.”


Emily Sloan 20, nursing

“Since I don’t use word, I use Google Docs. I am trying to deal with it.”


Jerrell Handley 20, psychology

“Right now I’m just trying to find people to talk to.”



  Lina Mathkour 19, economics

“A lot of teachers have been understanding and I’ve been trying to do everything at home.”