The Buzz: How do you feel about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction?

Melanie Calimlim, Taylor Pagan, and


Elicia Locke
Elicia Locke, 21, psychology

“I kind of feel that One Direction is just another boy band, and like any other boy band that’s been around, they were just kind of bound to break apart.”


Garrett Suggett, 21, construction management

“I heard about him leaving, and I personally don’t care.”


Ashley Loaeza, 19, biology

“If he wants to he can leave, and who knows, something great can come out of this.”


Katie Malone, 18, English

“I used to be a big Directioner. There are girls that are actually cutting themselves. It’s fanatical and it’s awful. Poor guy.”


Raja Ly, 19, mechanical engineering

“He could be doing better on his own. He could pull a Justin Timberlake and make it better.”


Keano Gabuat, 19, health science

“Let him do what he wants to do.”


Tami Popoola, 18, graphic design

“This isn’t the end of Zayn. This is the end of him being in One Direction.”