It’s time to put down the ‘The Narcisstick’

Ryan Chan, Senior staff writer

Okay Diablo Valley College, we need to have a long talk about the amount of selfies you’ve been taking recently, and more importantly, the two-foot long telescopic pole that accompanies it. Yes, we’re talking about your selfie sticks.

The selfie stick, or as I’ve come to refer to it as, “the narcisstick,” is an infamous device designed to publicly torture your circle of friends, and those around you with an endless stream of vapid and meaningless photos of yourselves.

You may have heard, seen, or more likely, been accidentally prodded by a selfie stick in use. For anyone who doesn’t already know about these devices, they were first used by athletes alongside head and helmet-mounted GoPro cameras to capture uniquely angled shots.

But they’ve quickly gained popularity as a means to take selfies with lots of people. Coupled with the selfie’s association to many A-list celebrities, the sticks have become wildly popular.

So why so much hate for our favorite selfie appendages? For one, the selfie stick is so prolific at conventions, theme parks and concerts, that they often become a nuisance. So much so, that they were outright banned at places like Coachella, The Palace of Versailles and Disney World, among a growing list of similar venues.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that people have every opportunity to express themselves. Selfies are here to stay, for a while, anyways. However, it should never be at the expense of those around you.

Just to be clear, lets clarify some recommended rules of selfie etiquette.

  1. Under no circumstances, should you take a selfie on a rollercoaster or ride, let alone with a selfie stick. Unless you have a death wish.
  1. The selfie stick is not a cattle prod, police baton or any form of makeshift weapon. No, not even a lightsaber. Soccer stadiums have already begun banning sticks over fears of potential violent abuses.
  1. Be mindful of where you decide to take selfies. Your selfie is not important enough to clog the mile long line for space mountain. Furthermore, disney employees have been instructed to warn, and then shame noncompliant users, with an announcement over their PA system.
  1. The selfie stick is not a public boom box. (Yes I have actually seen this happen)

With selfie sticks quickly being prohibited at many of the biggest gatherings across the world, it might be time to go back to the tried and true, stranger assisted group photo. Even if talking to total strangers is “totally ratchet,” it may not hurt to try. But first, let me take a selfie. #TotallyNotNarcissitic.