Fashion, or Faux Pas?

Erin Smith, Staff Member

As the weather remains hot outside so do the outfits. At times, the people of DVC can dress more like they are attending a summer music festival than a place of higher education, but where should the line be drawn?  Some may feel it’s up to the individuals discretion what they wear, but what if it becomes a distraction to others?

Short shorts, bare mid-drifts, and skin tight dresses are easily spotted around campus. Hannah Jacobs notes, “They dress like they’re going out to party, it’s a bit inappropriate.” Andrew Betts corroborates her statement, “There’s a lot of, like, reveling clothes,”  but he adds, “it makes sense because it’s hot, but they could have a little longer shorts.”

On whether or not a persons choice of dress can be cause for distraction, the jury is still out. Betts recounts a time when he saw a guy run into a fellow student while checking out a scantily clad classmate. But Chantal Powell says that although a persons attire, “might not be the most appropriate, it shouldn’t distract you.”

Fashion is a major form of self expression and each individual is entitled to use it how they see fit. The DVC Student Code of Conduct does not explicitly outline any rules or regulations as to what someone may or may not wear. This gives students a vast degree of freedom when it comes to their wardrobe choices, and  it is up to them to determine the decorum of their outfit. Brianna Herman says, “It’s important because it’s individuality and everyone needs to be more of themselves. People should wear what they want.”

There’s no question that the art of dressing for the occasion has gone by the way side and many people are leaving little to the imagination, but should the school have a say in what you wear? A resounding, “No.” would be the answer. Jacobs continues, “You’re in college, you’re old enough to make your own decisions.”

Bett adds, “It would be difficult to enforce a dress code, similar to how difficult it was to enforce in high school.”

Crop tops and mini-skirts may be in fashion, but they have their place: a Saturday night out on the town, Coachella, the beach. And perhaps they should stay there, reserved for a time you want to flaunt what you got, but when you come to school: less ass, more class.