The Buzz: How do you feel about eating hamburger meat grown in a lab?

Nik Wojcik and Melanie Calimlim


Raphael Lopez, 24, culinary student

“Man, that’s kind of a disgrace, especially coming from a culinary student where we try to use fresh product as much as we can. From a lab? That’s a no no!”


Edgar Hernandez, 18, math major

“I’m a vegetarian. I’d probably be more likely to eat it if you’re not harming anything. But then again, they are still living cells. If you have to eat meat, I guess that’s a better alternative.”


Daizhaun McDuffie, 18, business major

“That sounds good, but what if you get a disease from eating it. But a lab? That’s one of the nastiest places ever. I’d rather eat an animal. I’ll stick with that.”


Cierra Holm, 18, business marketing major

“I’m a vegetarian. I feel like I’d be open to that. I’m mainly a vegetarian because of the way animals are treated and raised to die.”


Sara Hong, DVC English professor

“I think it’s important for me to know where my food is coming from. If it’s lab-grown, I guess I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.”


Rebecca Dumars, 20, biology major

“No, that’s a never! I would never eat that. That just doesn’t sound healthy to begin with.”