Gun education is as important as gun control

Tyler Newhouse, Staff member

Even the slightest mention of gun control can lead to an argument. People see restriction of gun access as an affront to their rights. Constitutional amendments are extremely hard to pass, and it’s next to impossible to change the first 10 in the “Bill of Rights.”

There is stigma surrounding guns, as there is with the ownership of them. The specific subject of guns in schools elicits a unique kind of fear.  Some of the more ridiculous responses to guns have been students being suspended for making their hand into the shape of a gun and charged for wearing an National Rifle Association shirt to school. The fear that teachers and administrators feel towards guns is understandable given the endless supply of mass shootings in the news.

Whether or not you wish to control gun sales, the fact still remains: Owning a gun is a constitutional right, at least as far as the law is concerned. There may be changes to the law some day, but there needs to be some work done regarding the training and handling of guns until that day comes.

Guns are extremely dangerous if mishandled, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Perhaps, it would better serve citizens to be more educated about guns in general. As it stands, Diablo Valley College does not offer any sort of firearm education.

Would it benefit students, who wish to learn more about guns, to take a class on gun safety? I think so.  

Firearm education is just as important as the regulation of firearm sales. As it stands, there are almost as many deaths caused by car accidents as there are caused by firearms. The barrier to owning a car, however, is much greater than owning a gun. In today’s society, the only real requirement for gun ownership is the money to buy one. While all retail sellers of firearms are required to have a Federal Firearms License and conduct background checks, it’s legal to just go to a neighbor and purchase a gun privately.

Conversely, to legally drive a car you must first demonstrate that you can safely drive a car. Once you get a driver’s license, you must buy insurance for your car in order to legally drive.

What I put to you is this: If we are required to pass a test in order to be able to drive a car, why shouldn’t we also require a test in order to use a gun? Guns can be lethal if mishandled, just as cars can be lethal if mishandled. So, why isn’t it easier to learn how to responsibly own a gun?