Reality TV make u stoopid

Marcel Scott, Opinion Editor

“And I was like, totally, like, Oh My God!”

Does the quote above make sense to you? Because it shouldn’t. But if it does, I’m here to help. This article is dedicated to anyone who’s struggling with the addictive materialized narcissistic world of reality television. By the end of this, perhaps, you’ll be able to watch 60 Minutes. RIP Andy Rooney, RIP.

Note: This may not cure anything, but it will point out that watching too much reality TV will cause a person to be overly aggressive, and all around irrational.

So please, silence your hand-bagged chihuahua, put down your nonfat-pumpkin spice chai latte, and stop that mani-pedi; now is the time to read about problems you didn’t know you had.

According to a study conducted by Bryan Gibson — a psychologist at Central Michigan University—found that aggression levels in those that watched reality TV were significantly higher than people who didn’t watch reality shows.

Gibson said in an NPR interview, conducted by Tess Vigeland, that “watching reality shows with lots of what’s called relational aggression—bullying, exclusion and manipulation — can make people more aggressive in their real lives.”

This should come as no surprise. Our collective unconscious is always gathering information—and when we view shows where conflict between people is constant—we pick up on these traits, and use unnecessary language that can trigger disputes.

Reality TV sets a bad example as to how reality actually works: Troubles cannot be solved by yelling, and telling someone their style isn’t up to standard. Unfortunately, this is the behavior that reality television shows depict and this in turn sets an example for others to follow.

According to Gibson’s study, “People who watch reality TV shows like Real Housewives and Jersey Shore are more likely to be aggressive than watching a violent show,” such as CSI.

So with this new information on your viewing habits, what will you choose to do? Will you continue to watch The Real Housewives of Who Cares? Probably. And I get your argument, watching these shows is entertaining—so is watching a monkey knife fight on a boat—but just because it’s entertaining, doesn’t make it right.

I challenge you though, go for a week without watching one of these shows and see how you feel. It’s likely that you’ll be able to get through your day conflict free. Without the hassle of caring what other people said about you, and what problems you have with other people. Because at the end of the day, who really cares?