Alternative to tampon, THINX

Alternative to tampon, THINX

Melanie Calimlim, Staff member

From crocheted tampons to bulky pads and menstrual cups, women have always had to be careful with what menstruation products to use during their time of the month.

With the current issues of manufacturers not disclosing all of the materials used in making their tampons because they are considered “medical products,” there have been qualms as to what women are actually putting inside of their bodies.

Alternatives to tampons can get a bit messy. Pieces of a menstrual sponge can remain in the vagina and cause the growth of bacteria resulting in Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare but fatal bacterial infection. Menstrual cups are complicated, and pads are bulky and unaccommodating for all underwear types.

Now there is a more modern invention for women: Period panties called THINX. This underwear looks just like any sleek panty a woman would wear, available in a range of styles. There are pairs for lighter and heavier days, which can hold up to two tampons worth of blood.

According to the THINX website, depending on the underwear that best fits your flow, it isn’t necessary to change throughout the day because of an ultra thin absorption layer that retains the liquid, keeping you dry.

THINX panties may be a bit more hygienic, because they do not have to be inserted inside, decreasing the risk of an infection. They contain an anti-microbial application of silver thread and other fibers which fight bacteria. THINX underwear are also quite manageable, just put them in the cold wash and hang dry just like any other panty.

Although they are a bit costly, ranging around $30 or so, the pros of buying a pair are plentiful. With the taxes women have to pay for necessary monthly menstrual products, investing in a pair of THINX underwear may be a beneficial alternative in the long run.