Buzz: What stresses you out about school?

Katharine Hada, Co-editor-in-chief


“Really getting here is the hardest. Travel time. I love DVC though, it’s a beautiful campus. The line at SCC to see counselors though. That sucks.”

Chazz C., 18, Music Industry


“Homework and tests!”

Drew Kendrix, 18, Undecided


“Deadlines and taking directions. Because each teacher wants different things and has different classroom rules.”

Julia Posz, 19, Nuclear Engineering


“Being on the spot about things. Sticking to deadlines, getting stuff done on my own, being independent and determined.”

Wyatt Miskel, 21, Paleontology


“Time, trying to manage everything at once. Remembering what’s due when. Day planners don’t help.”

Maikel Hampton, 20, Business