Buzz: What was your dream job as a child? Has it changed between then and now?


Mathew Stanford, 20, Business

“I wanted to be a cop, but it’s changed because my habits conflict with my life style.”


Abby Burk, 17, Undeclared
“I wasn’t sure as a child, but when I started seeing what was out there, I thought dental hygienist. But I worked in a dentist office and didn’t like it.”


John Dean, 22, Economics

“I wanted to be a sports orthopedist surgeon, I’m now want to be a foreign ambassador.”


Riley Egan, 21, Environmental science

“I think I wanted to be a magician. Now I want to be a NG photographer.”


Elsa Denis, 18, Political Science

“I wanted to be a vet, now I’m a political science major, so yeah, it’s changed.”


Michael Beiermann, 22, Physical Geography

“That’s a hard one. I wanted to be an Astronaut, but then I realized all I care about is nature, so being a park ranger is a better fit for me.”


Gabriel Ringel, 18, Business-Marketing

“Well, I wanted to be multiple things. A rapper, author, and an actor. Now I’m in Business- Marketing.”


Kendra Smith, 20, Sociology

“I wanted to be a Lawyer as a child, but that’s a no, and now I want to be an Occupational Therapist.”