Buzz: How do you feel about Jerry Brown raising minimum wage to $15 an hr by 2022?

Erin Smith and Melanie Calimlim


Maria Mata, 20 Political Science

“It’d be good for people who want to improve their lives, but for Californians’ it will raise taxes at a federal level.”


Matthew Brooks, 22 Marketing

“If you look at what minimum wage was in the 1960’s and apply inflation and how much more productive people are the equivalent would be $18 an hour. Companies can afford the increase.”


Kaitlin Savory, 21 Allied Health

“I hope that due to more money in peoples pockets, it will help boost the economy.”


Danny Olson, 21 Communications

“I’m happy about it because you’re getting more money.”


Brant Wade, 22 Music Industry

“I never gave it any thought. I’m pretty sure the prices of everything else will go up and it will all balance out.”