Buzz: How do you feel about commercial jets flying out of Buchanan airport?

Jess Parry and Julianna Cardinale


Cole Tynan-Wood, 19, Computer science

“I feel okay about it, that’s not too often.”


Vianca Villarreel, 20, Mathematics

“I feel like they’re already kinda loud and they’re not even commercial yet.”


James Olesen, 18, Computer Science

“They already have commercial air flights there, I don’t think anyone’s going to really notice, it averages out to about once every 8 hours.”


Nicholas Madrona, 20, Business

“I feel good about it. You can take a flight from Concord instead of going to SF or Oakland.”


Chris Stewart, 23, Administration of Justice

“I don’t live on this side of the bridge so it probably won’t affect me like it does others.”