The buzz: Of all the teachers you have had at DVC, who has provided the most positive impact on your education/life?

Melanie Calimlim, Senior staff member



Philip Dempster, 18, Mathamatics

“I would have to go with my orchestra professor, Owen Lee. He’s really easy going and really funny. He’s definitely the guy who brings everyone together. When I’m in orchestra, I feel like I’m with family.”


Sabrina Ramish, 20, Psychology

“My English teacher, Ms. Griffin. She’s really helped me with my writing. She really gets everyone engaged in the topics we’re discussing.”



Jonathan Abalos, 23, Mechanical Engineering

“My physics professor, Dr. Gheith. He was really helpful and not just what we learned in class but he also gave me advice as what to expect in my future and career.”


Lucas Wanlass, 20, Film major

“My English 126 professor Mr. Fischer. It was a hard class but his attitude was so nice. You just had to be on top of your game.”


Ryan Nules, 20, Undecided

“My English professor Lori Rogala. She just shows that she cares about each individual student and she encourages us to see her during office hours. Classes are fun so I don’t need to stare at my phone the whole time.”