The buzz: What kind of music do you listen to when you’re studying and why?

Melanie Calimlim and Erin Smith


“Hip-hop, rap and R&B, and I might throw in old school slow jams. The music doesn’t distract me cause it helps me block everything else out.”

Matisse Williams, 19, business administration


“Usually, I just put Kid Cudi on and that’s it. He’s got a calm voice and I like his beats. Or if not, I’ll put on Queens sometimes.”

Diego Zamora, 19, 18, undecided


“Pop, I just listen to random songs on Pandora. The music doesn’t bother me cause I’m there focusing on the homework.”

Wesley Tan, 19, computer science


“I really like to listen to post-impressionist music, like Ravel. It doesn’t have too many lyrics so it helps me focus.”

Bradley Flynn, 22, philosophy


“I generally listen to math rock because it isn’t as lyrical. They use math to compose the notes.”

Quinn Thornton, 21, art history


“I don’t listen to music at all, it’s distracting. I like to be in a quiet place with nature.”

Stephanie Langner, 26, English