Letter to the reader

Dear Inquiring reader,

As the semester comes to a close and you race around like a mad man (or woman) trying to get everything turned in, thank you for taking the extra minute to grab a copy of our magazine. We hope to provide you with at least a few hours of entertainment over your summer break.

Thank you for reading our articles, answering our Buzz questions, liking our facebook posts, and sharing your feedback. If you want to turn that feedback into something more, and feel passionately about campus events, news, or the current state of human existence, we encourage you pick up a notebook or a camera and join the Inquirer! No experience necessary. If you like sarcasm and dark humor, we might be your people. Come to the dark side, we have deadline cupcakes.

We especially want to thank our editorial board and staff members for their hard work throughout this semester. And a special shout out to Mary and Julius, for everything you do, and for all your patience and snark, thank you.

Have fun reading the magazine! Have a great summer.

We out!

Katharine Hada & Jesse Sutterley