Buzz: What are your thoughts on the outcome of the election?

Erin Smith, Managing editor


Alex Mencarelli, 19 Business

“Either way I think we’d be screwed. With this [outcome] it can go either really good or really bad. The fact that half our country is okay with a racist, sexist male makes us look like a joke.”


Benny Chan, 20 Radiology

“I was really disappointed when Trump got elected and even more disappointed when I heard Prop. 56 was passed.”


Owen Burchett, 18 Computer Science

“I’m feeling disappointed and, yea, I voted. I thought it’d be pretty close but had no prediction.”


Nick Quijivix, 18 Computer Science

“Disappointed, but I didn’t really care too much. I’m unsure that anything will take effect with his most radical ideas.”


Victoria Mariolle, 20 English

“I’m very depressed and disheartened, that we had to out-do Britain with Brexit and vote in a racist, sexist bigot.”