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The Buzz: Do you think holidays like Cinco de Mayo are losing its meaning because of cultural appropriation?

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Nayely Jauregui, criminal justice

“Many people don’t know its meaning. They think it’s about independence. There’s more to it than a holiday or festival or  burrito bowls. There’s a culture behind it, not just party.”


William Frank, administrative justice

“Tradition evolves over time. It’s just a way for everyone to celebrate whether be black, white, or Asian. It’s another way for people to get together and celebrate.”


Eric Rosales, administrative justice.

“Anyone can celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It’s about connecting everyone.”



Oscar Rodriguez, political science

“I don’t see it as a proud to be Mexican day. More of a fake American holiday glamored up by beer companies.”


Alexandra Shaw, environmental studies

“I think it’s awesome when people support other cultures. It creates connectivity.”


Robin Kaur, political science

“It’s alright. It’s just the celebration of other cultures. It’s about appreciating.”


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The Buzz: Do you think holidays like Cinco de Mayo are losing its meaning because of cultural appropriation?