The Buzz: What are your plans for Labor Day?

Shannon Richey and Olivier Alata

Temerlan Kenesbekou, 20, electrical engineering

“I don’t have any plans. Maybe I will meet with my friends.”


Samantha Blasi-Mason, 19, undeclared

“I don’t have any. I have a lot of homework.”


Théo Duffaut, 20, mechanical engineering

“That’s pretty far away. I guess I will not do much. I am enrolled in four classes, so I have a lot work to do.”


Rachel Henry, 21, public health

“I am going to Clearlake with my family to go wakeboarding.”


Jacob Peterson, 27, political science

“I hadn’t even thought of it yet. It is not a holiday I would normally celebrate.”


Jessy Lau, 20, allied health

“I have not decided yet. My parents are going on vacation without me, so I plan on enjoying the day and doing something with them when they get back.”