The Buzz: How would you feel if teachers would be able to carry guns in the classroom?

Julia Forsberg, 19, education

“I don’t even see the point for people to have guns in the first place so for teachers to have guns it makes less sense.”

Brandon Hernandez, 19, geography

“I don’t think it’s necessary at the college level but at high school level, middle school level basic training would be nice.”

Peter Swenson, 36, environmental science

“It would introduce a lot more problems than it would potentially solve.”

Rosalind Jermany, 23, environmental science

“I would not be okay with that I don’t care if my professors have guns but not in the classroom there’s no reason to have a gun in the classroom.”

Joshua Pantangco, 19, music industry

“I feel like I would be in a war zone having my teacher with a gun.”